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We setup, service and maintain snack food
vending solutions for your business!

  • FREE clean and friendly vending service for your customers and employees
  • YOU choose! We supply the snack options you want
  • YOU choose! Each vend supports your favorite local charity
  • FREE round robin advertising with our exclusive local community campaign
    Shop local - Shop strong!

   Anthony and Mark are the owner/operators of vendstars.com and candy, snack and soda vending    machines. We place, install, clean, and service machines for business locations around Butte    County. Please click on the links above to view our current machines, candies and the charities    that we sponsor.

   Our current routes are in the towns of Chico and Oroville. We are looking to open up additional    routes in the surrounding area. If you or your business is interested in locating a candy, snack or    soda machine, please visit our contact page for more information. We are generally on call 6 days    a week for your convenience.

Proudly serving Butte County!

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